Know Your Hazards

Know Your Hazards


An earthquake results from sudden movement when two blocks of earth slip past one another. It includes tremors & vibrations of the surface of the earth. In a densely populated location, an earthquake may result in damage, loss of property, and fatalities. According to the Maximum Considered Earthquakes, India is divided into four seismic zones namely Zone-II, Zone-III, Zone-IV, and Zone-V) where Zone-V expects the highest level of seismicity and Zone II is considered to be the lowest level of seismicity. 

Seismic ZoneIntensity on the MSK scale
Zone-II (Low Damage Risk Zone) VI or less
Zone-III (Moderate Damage Risk Zone)VII
Zone-IV (High Damage Risk Zone)VIII
Zone-V (Very High Damage Risk Zone) IX or more

To find out which zone your district falls in, please use


The coastal regions of India are worst affected by cyclones every year. Tropical cyclones occur in the months of May-June and October-November. India is geographically divided into six wind zones as follows:

Wind ZonesBasic Wind Speed in m/s
Very High Damage risk Zone-A55
Very High Damage risk Zone-B50
High Damage Risk Zone47
Moderate Damage Risk Zone-A44
Moderate Damage Risk Zone-B39
Low Damage Risk Zone33

Please use to learn about the wind zone in your state.


We all know that many Indian states are highly prone to floods. 80% of precipitation occurs in the monsoon months from June to September resulting in cloudbursts, floods & urban flash floods in many regions. The flood map of India is available here: for your kind reference.


Landslides/rockfalls/mudflows are various forms of mass wasting where a significant portion of the debris placed on the loose soil moves downwards.  The landslides are often triggered by heavy rainfall, an earthquake, or a manmade slope cut.

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Thousands of thunderstorms occur in India every year, especially during the monsoon season. A thunderstorm is considered to be a localized storm accompanied by lightning and thunder. These lightning strikes can cause harm to life & property. Please use the thunderstorm incidence map to see the vulnerable locations.