Non-Structural Risk Assessment

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Non-Structural Risk Assessment It has been observed that in many cases the structure of the building due to its strength is able to perform well in an earthquake shaking but the content inside the building fail and start falling. These content are called as non-structural elements and are known to cause severe injuries and sometimes […]

Structural Risk Assessment

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Structural Risk Assessment Structural Risk Assessment is a specialized assessment of the building structure. The assessment is done by a trained engineer, wherein the structural details are noted down and analyzed to determine any kind of damage that can be caused in case of shaking, high-speed winds or by water. The assessment is also done […]

Office Disaster Preparedness

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Office Disaster Preparedness India is prone to multiple hazards such as floods, fire, and earthquakes. Every year number of people lose their life in various disasters and it cost billions of dollars’ worth of damage to the economy. Many a time’s various institutions across the country do not comply with safety norms as per the […]

Hospital Disaster Preparedness

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Hospital Disaster Preparedness Hospitals are an important institution in any community. They play an important role in providing medical assistance to those in need. After a disaster, they play a much important role by providing immediate medical assistance to the injured. Major hazards such as fire, floods, earthquake have the tendency to severely affect hospital […]

School Disaster Preparedness

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School Disaster Preparedness Schools are highly vulnerable to various hazards since they have a large number of underage vulnerable population. Schools have been severely affected by various hazards in the past which have led to the adoption of safety guidelines by the government. Due to poor implementation of such guidelines, schools in our country are […]